Lady Gaga/Polaroid liaison a bold and brilliant move…provided it can deliver on the promise

This morning’s announcement at CES that Lady Gaga is to become an official spokesperson, creative director and inspiration for Polaroid is a bold and brilliant move by the venerable brand which has been on its last legs, thanks to bankruptcy, bad management, wrong-footing by digital photography and moves away from its core brand ethos. Lady Gaga is an awesome liaison for the brand, representing as she does the kind of dynamic creativity, spontaneous fun and intense visual impact which were at the core of Polaroid’s appeal in years gone by (just consider how many Polaroid-perfect moments are strung together to make the Just Dance video), not to mention a strong connection with the young female demographic which has a high potential for the company’s consumer offerings. To make the association pay-off and have a significant impact on its business, however, Polaroid MUST deliver with high-design, edgy products, services and communications which fulfill the promise that the pop diva’s endorsement implies. If it succeeds the Polaroid brand has the potential to stage an amazing come-back. if it doesn’t the brand may end up worse off than it was before.

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